Discovery Consulting

Do you really know what your customers truly desire?

Business success is built on solving the most pressing customer needs. Through our systematic discovery approach, we help you gain a detailed understanding of your customers, your market, and business opportunities and help you zero in on the most promising ones.  

Together, we understand the strategic context and review existing innovation ideas. We then determine untapped digital innovation fields to focus on and jointly create a first vision on how you can become a digital spearhead in those fields. 

We uncover your customer’s real needs and gaps in your competitor’s offerings to identify concrete untapped opportunities. We also take a look at the bigger picture to factor in new trends and business models that will shape your industry.

We determine the market potential of the surfaced ideas and assess the opportunities in a structured manner based on their impact and likelihood of success.

We extract the key value proposition of your innovation concept and determine the best ways to rapidly validate the core assumptions. We then create user journeys, flowcharts and click dummies and run user interviews. 

Following the initial validation, we scope and define the technical architecture and the tech and tool stack. We also map out the business and determine a go-to-market strategy, incl. timelines, required resources, and metrics to focus on. At the end of the project, you have a validated innovation idea and a clear roadmap to implement it.

Realised projects


The career growth platform for young professionals


App and back-office solution for an elite training program

TUM Negotiator

The negotiation training platform to for students