Venture Building Workshop

Explore the holy grail of company innovation and learn how to uncover concrete hidden opportunities by ideating, assessing, and conceptualizing viable innovation ideas – in just 1 day.

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For a day with your team – In person, hybrid or virtual.

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Combine the best of two worlds

Most established companies lack the agility and disruptive mindset that startups have. But without constantly challenging the status quo and quickly testing and implementing new ideas, your company will stay where it is: behind the competition.

That doesn’t have to be the case. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to combine in-depth startup knowledge with your company’s industry expertise to quickly develop innovative solutions – without getting bogged down in internal bureaucracy. Together we will lay the foundation for your company to change the industry and become a digital market leader of tomorrow.

The best way to start your digital venture

The Venture Building Workshop gives you an overview of the entire venture building process and shows you how you can use it as a company to bring digital innovations to market faster and with less risk.

Using the Business Model Canvas, we show you and your team how to identify the most promising innovation ideas step by step – and apply the knowledge immediately. The result is a number of concrete, already initially validated innovation ideas for your company – and the knowledge of how to systematically generate them in the future.

Measurable results

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This workshop can take place in person, hybrid or virtual and lasts one regular working day. However, the schedule is designed to ensure flexibility.


What venture building is and why your company should definitely start doing it? Spiced up with powerful case studies.

Venture Building Process

The four elements of the process and which conditions you must fulfill for it to succeed?

Business Model Canvas

What it is and how you can use it to systematically generate digital innovation ideas? We cover numerous tips and tricks, for instance on how you can systematically match customer needs to your offering and identify the right channels to reach customers, how you can easily work out cost structures and revenue models, etc. We also direct apply the learnings to work out innovation ideas for your company.


How to best to pitch your innovation idea and what to look out for when evaluating ideas? Learn how to think like an investor and thus distinguish good ideas from bad ones faster and in a more targeted way. We also directly apply the learnings in the presentation and evaluation of the developed ideas.

Meet your host

Konstantin Gottschalk

Digital Innovation Consultant

Konstantin studied computer science with a focus on business administration and economics at the TU Munich. He was part of the startup program for digital business concepts at UnternehmerTUM, the largest center for startups and innovation in Europe. Since then, Konstantin has been supporting SMEs in digital transformation projects. As the inventor and host of these workshops, he will help you and your company to successfully move into the digital world.

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We offer both, online and in person workshops at your company. You will receive further information regarding the pricing and schedule upon request.

Our workshops have a limit of 20 participants to ensure the best possible learning experience and support.

Depending on the workshop, the participants will need a notebook. Apart from that all you have to bring is motivation, creativity and a smile.

You can cancel the workshop for free until 2 weeks before. For cancellations after that we charge 50% of the workshop fee.

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