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The Digital Future of the Food & Beverage Industry

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Tech best practices, in 3 implementation phases


GenZ driven trends reshaping the F&B world


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Insights and interviews with some of the leading companies in the field

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Winning over GenZ requires F&B companies to turn their businesses into interconnected platform models

Already today, GenZ – born between 1995 and 2010 – makes up a third of the world’s population.
Technically inclined, health-aware, and sustainability-focused, the new generation is about to completely alter the way we consume food and beverages (F&B).
Market, funding, and investment trends give clear indications that big changes are underway.

This report explores the implications of GenZ on six core dimensions and gives clear recommendations on how F&B brands and retailers have to adjust their business to remain competitive:


Sustainability is one out of six core trends driven by GenZ.

GenZ is digitally savvy, uses new communication channels, and has different expectations when it comes to customer engagement, service, and brand purpose. Sustainability is important to 2/3rd of them.

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