Rapid Prototyping Workshop

You have an innovative idea? Gain the skills to quickly create prototypes and to validate them to bring your innovative ideas to life.

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For a day with your team – In person, hybrid or virtual.

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Lay the foundation for your success

Startups have taught us: ideas are worth nothing – execution is everything. Your innovation success is only as great as the value your company creates for your customers. 

Prototypes help you succeed faster by enabling you to test assumptions with users early on and optimize your product as quickly as possible based on their feedback.

In this workshop, you and your team will learn the key principles of prototyping and understand the philosophy of successful user testing – so that you can soon create tangible value at lightning speed, too.

How to prototype and validate your idea in no time

The Rapid Prototyping Workshop provides you and your team with the necessary knowledge to rapidly turn your innovation ideas and hypotheses into prototypes and to validate them with users.

You will not only learn what you absolutely have to pay attention to and how to proceed step by step, but you will also apply your knowledge to concrete innovation ideas of your company. The result is a more profound knowledge and real prototypes for your innovation idea, so that you are already one step closer to accomplishing your innovation goal.

Measurable results

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This workshop can take place in person, hybrid or virtual and lasts one regular working day. However, the schedule is designed to ensure flexibility.


What are prototypes, which types exist, and why are they important? We also show you several case studies.

Prototyping Process & Principles

The six steps of creating and validating prototypes and key principles to succeed in the process.

The Challenge

Systematic creation of prototypes for your concrete innovation ideas along the prototyping process. In addition to detailed tips and tricks before each step, we are always available for feedback during the work phases and help you bring your ideas to life.

User Testing

Whom and how many users you ideally recruit? How you systematically validate your prototype with users in five steps? And how you best process the results to get the most value out of the tests?

Meet your host

Konstantin Gottschalk

Digital Innovation Consultant

Konstantin studied computer science with a focus on business administration and economics at the TU Munich. He was part of the startup program for digital business concepts at UnternehmerTUM, the largest center for startups and innovation in Europe. Since then, Konstantin has been supporting SMEs in digital transformation projects. As the inventor and host of these workshops, he will help you and your company to successfully move into the digital world.

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We offer both, online and in person workshops at your company. You will receive further information regarding the pricing and schedule upon request.

Our workshops have a limit of 20 participants to ensure the best possible learning experience and support.

Depending on the workshop, the participants will need a notebook. Apart from that all you have to bring is motivation, creativity and a smile.

You can cancel the workshop for free until 2 weeks before. For cancellations after that we charge 50% of the workshop fee.

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