WQ Test

The WQ Test is a science-based analysis that measures your health status and identifies actionable lifestyle changes to boost your health – an evolutionary leap from IQ and EQ tests. In this project, hatch handled everything, from the branding over the design of the test, to its technical implementation.


Health & Wellness


Project planning & management, Branding, UI/UX Design, App & Web Development


5 months

About the company

SolaVieve, the company behind WQ Test, is a progressive technology and operations company focused on building communities worldwide around healthy and smart living. Amongst others, the company is associated with one of the world’s most successful health & wellness companies, Canyon Ranch, a billion dollar luxury wellness lifestyle brand in the US.

The challenge

With the ambition to add to the existing, non-digital service offerings and hence move with the general digitalization trend, SolaVieve asked hatch to develop an additional digital service offering. Specifically, the company asked us to create an appealing brand for and to design and develop a simple-to-use test for a highly scientific and complex health assessment. Challenge accepted!

Our solution

We started the project by conducting a workshop with the management team of SolaVieve and their health experts to foster a clear understanding of the goal of and the parameters of the holistic health assessment to clearly define the scope and the technical requirements of the solution. We also dove deep into the prospect identity to ensure the development of a meaningful UI/UX.

Following the analysis phase, hatch then started the project by crafting an appealing brand identity for the assessment test that would match both the target group and the corporate identity of our client. After validating the appeal of the new branding, we then determined the technical infrastructure and tech stack to ensure the highest performance across devices and set up the sprint plan.

After staffing the team with experts, hatch kicked off the agile development processes, parallelizing the design and development process to ensure maximum speed. While our design talents developed an
appealing user interface for this highly technical test, our tech experts crafted the powerful technical backbone of the test to enable high accuracy and maximum performance for the user.

Finally, before the release of the test, we ran expansive tests to ensure the working of both, the technical setup and of the assessment logic.

The achievements

Within only 5 months, hatch took a highly complex health assessment, gave it a visually appealing face as well as a robust backbone, and thereby helped SolaVieve to successfully launch a digital addition to its core business. On top, the project has also shown SolaVieve how easy it can be to unleash the company’s digital potential if you have the right partner by your side.

50 MM €

Generated revenue potential

This team truly embodies their mission: to give businesses a competitive edge in the digitally connected world. That’s what hatch does!

Alexander Rissland

Chief Digital Officer

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