TUM Negotiator

The TUM Negotiator is a negotiation training platform for master students of the TUM School of Management. In this project, hatch took care of the branding, design, and development of the entire platform as well as of the behavioral and psychometrical assessments algorithm alongside with negotiation psychologists at TUM.




Consulting & Strategy, Branding, UI/UX design, Web development


4 months

About the company

TUM is one of the leading research institutes and universities in Europe. With over 48,000 enrolled students, 11,500 employees, the university has been the incubator of some of the most disruptive technologies and companies.

The challenge

Training negotiation skills often require access to expensive simulators or professionals who can only train a few individuals at a time. Yet, TUM understood that in modern-day business, negotiation skills are more than just a nice-to-have. In an effort to enhance the readiness of their business students for the job market, TUM asked hatch to develop a sophisticated negation training platform that would help students develop their negotiation skills. The challenge? Develop a highly complex negotiation platform that provides students with tailored training cases to advance their negotiation skills on a budget. 

Our solution

Our main goal in the initial kick-off was to understand the complex requirements of a negotiation training platform. Devoting considerable time to dissecting the exact requirements, constraints, and underlying logic ensured a clear joint understanding of the scope, the goals, and the challenges that would have an impact on the timeline of the project.

Following the initial scoping of the project, we started translating the psychological, behavioral, and psychometrical assessments into code requirements and developed a detailed sprint plan that would follow an agile and user-centric logic. Subsequently, we designed an easy-to-use user interface that would enable students to focus on developing their skills and started with the development of the algorithm and platform.

Along with the entire process, we kept closely in touch with the behavioral psychologists as well as students to repeatedly run tests to ensure the training platform would work as intended. In parallel, and before the project hand-over, we consulted TUM on possible alternative ways of monetizing the negotiation platform by making it accessible to their corporate partners.

The achievements

Together with TUM, we were able to develop a user-centric negotiation platform that makes negotiation training accessible and attainable for a vast amount of students. To date, the TUM negotiator has helped hundreds of students and dozens of employees of corporate partners enhance their negotiation skills – and continues to do so. In addition, the project has also shown TUM how easy it can be to leverage digital solutions if you just have the right partner!

50MM €

Generated revenue potential

Our project with hatch went extremely well and we are very satisfied with our new negotiation platform. In addition to the end product, I would particularly like to emphasize the more than pleasant cooperation. The team is characterized by exemplary communication and super good availability. In addition, hatch thought along with us throughout the project and developed a deep understanding of the product. We as customers were always kept up to date and actively involved in individual processes as needed. We are very much looking forward to further cooperation.

Karina Konieczny

Doctoral Candidate & Research Associate, Project Leader

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