Purpose is the career growth platform for young professionals. Users can connect with inspiring peers, join discussions about favorite topics, learn from people ahead of them, and level up their careers. hatch teamed up with Purpose at the very beginning from strategy over the UI/UX design to the web- and app development. We helped the team create the first product with the traction of over 10,000 users and successfully pivot based on the gained user insights towards a bigger vision.




Strategy, Product Design, Web & MAP Development


14 months

About the company

Founded in 2021, Purpose is a young, Berlin-based tech start-up. The company’s mission is to empower the next generations to reach their full potential in their careers.

The challenge

Many young professionals face a common challenge on inflationary and content-overloaded career networks like LinkedIn: getting connected with the right people and finding useful content that helps you to get to the next level. Purpose identified this unmet market. In a unique collaboration with hatch, it was all about building a community platform with algorithms that provide tailored, career-growth focused content and connects you with valuable members of the network.

Our solution

Together with the Purpose team, hatch started the project by creating a first MAP of the envisioned product based on numerous user interviews and market analyses. The team set out to create a digital career assessment that helps users determine exciting career paths in line with their personality and interests for an initial strong use case. Within the first weeks of the launch, Purpose managed to grow to 10,000+ users.

By validating the original value proposition based on deep insights through a critical mass of these initial users, we decided to pivot towards a bolder move. A bolder move that fundamentally changes how we all pursue our careers. Through a career growth platform that is all about meaningful connections, authentic conversations, and insightful content – uniquely curated for every user to accelerate their careers.

With the reshaped product vision and strategy in place, we then moved on to determining the ideal tech infrastructure and devised a clear product roadmap to ensure maximum impact and speed. Following initial tests to get more conviction, we moved into the agile design and development, continuously looping in test users to ensure the highest relevance.

In parallel, we created landing pages with a waitlist and referral system to drive a viral loop and sign-ups to Purpose pre-launch. This didn’t not only come in handy to help solve the cold start problem of such community-driven platforms but also served as a touch-point with the initial target audience to run user interviews and test micro features with them.

The achievements

In this collaboration with Purpose, we managed to create the first product with over 10,000 users at CAC as low as 0,29€ and successfully pivoted based on the gained user insights towards a bigger vision. Through a waiting list page with a CVR of 34% and +1,500 sign-ups by now, Purpose laid a strong foundation together with us for a successful launch of this reshaped product.

1.2 bn €

Generated revenue potential

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