Holisticly allows you to digitally promote your health and well-being with a holistic approach. The app combines telemedical sessions via video conference and AI-driven chatbot courses. hatch has been with Holisticly’s founding team from the very beginning, accompanying the entire process from the concept creation to the release.


Health & Wellness


Digital Consulting, Branding, UI/UX Design, App and Web Development


8 Monate

About the company

SolaVieve, the company behind Holisticly, is a progressive technology and operations company focused on building communities worldwide around healthy and smart living. Amongst others, the company is associated with one of the world’s most successful health & wellness companies, Canyon Ranch, a billion dollar luxury wellness lifestyle brand in the US.

The challenge

In their ambitions to tap into new revenue streams and win over new customer groups, SolaVieve looked for options to add to its classical business model. Like many companies, the company realized that digital products and services offer a strong addition to the non-digital core business. But how do you digitalize consulting-based health and wellness services, without compromising on the user experience and impact on their health? The challenge that was posed to us: build a digital business unit offering the best holistic health services online.

Our solution

We kicked off the project with a joint workshop to understand SolaVieve’s goals and boundaries to the digital service in order to establish a clear project scope. In addition, we used the collaboration, also with experts including psychologists and health scientists, to sketch our first ideas on what a potential digital business model could look like.

Equipped with numerous ideas, hatch then validated the prospect’s need for some of the surfaced ideas, conducting in-depth market and customer research. Following the analysis of existing solutions, emerging trends, and unaddressed customer needs, we narrowed down the ideas to a few core hypotheses that we next validated with the help of user tests.

With an initial validated concept at hand, hatch moved into the second phase. We defined the optimal infrastructure and tech-stack and created a deployment and sprint plan before staffing the team with the necessary experts. Subsequently, we gave Holisticly an appealing visual face and, in accordance with the highest quality standards and following the agile methodology, develop the Minimum Awesome Product for SolaVieve.

The achievements

Within just 8 months, hatch helped SolaVieve develop and launched a new digital business model, thereby enabling the company to tap into new revenue streams and address new customer groups. In short, hatch helped SolaVieve to evolve from a classical player to a digitally enhanced one, setting the company up to become a digital spearhead in their domain.

200 MM €

Generated revenue potential

This team truly embodies their mission: to give businesses a competitive edge in the digitally connected world. That’s what hatch does!

Alexander Rissland

Chief Digital Officer

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