Bridl is the secure, transparent, and digital marketplace for buying and selling high-quality sports horses. In the future, the start-up also aims to trade horse semen and make horse investment through tokenization accessible for the first time. We helped the founders define and launch the first version of the platform in a highly efficient way – from branding, over UI/UX design, to development.




Consulting & Project Planning, UI/UX Design, Web & PWA Development


4 months

About the company

Bridl is the first digital marketplace to buy and sell premium sports horses worldwide. The platform brings transparency, security, and ease to the equine trade business. Working with Bridl guarantees you high-quality tailored services from the moment the horse is listed on our catalog, over the whole transaction process, until being in the hands of his new owner.

The challenge

Equine trading is a highly elite but intransparent business that often relies on personal connections. With relatively few breeders and buyers around the world, the market is currently scattered and inefficient. So the founders of Bridl approached hatch to develop a centralized platform. The challenge? Develop and implement a completely new and disruptive platform model for an outdated industry.

Our solution

As a first step in the project, we sat together with the founders to gain a detailed understanding of the various target audiences of the future platform – breeders, traders, individual buyers, and organizations. Understanding their needs and current challenges, as well as the current processes provided us with the necessary knowledge to inform the branding and the necessary process steps associated with horse trading that would inform the value transaction flow on the platform.

With a clear foundation established, we set out to develop a branding strategy and guideline that would appeal to the sophisticated equine buyer and seller. In parallel, and to speed up the process, we also started defining the platform requirements and translated them into a clear tech stack and product roadmap, including sprint goals.

Following the validation of the brand appeal, we then moved into the agile design and development of the platform. In accordance with the established branding guideline, our design team designed the user interface, paying close attention to the user flows and core transactions to be facilitated.

The hatch tech team developed the technical backbone of the platform and subsequently, and in parallel, started implementing the frontend as soon as UI/UX elements were ready. During the entire process, we followed the highest standards of agile software development and testing and parallelized processes for maximum speed.

The achievements

Within only 4 months, we helped the founders to establish the branding and to design and develop a disruptive platform with a scalable business model meeting customer requirements in a highly efficient way.

250MM €

Generated revenue potential

Good communication, very personal and professional at the same time. The cooperation could not be better!

Marie Marks

Founder & CEO

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