Our secret to sustainable success: the 'Blended Digital Innovation®' process

Most companies just hire external partners and their brainpower for innovation projects. Once the project is over, the knowledge is out and you struggle with innovation again. The result? A 95% failure rate.

This is why at hatch we do things differently.
We perform, what we call ‘Blended Digital Innovation®’. We empower you and your employees alongside the project by providing you with the right tools and know-how to sustainably innovate.

Learn & Strategize

We start by understanding your current situation and your ambitions to determine the best approach. Through in-depth market and customer research we then identify the most promising opportunity or validate your concrete ideas. Lastly, we extract the underlying core hypothesis and devise ways on how to rapidly verify them. 

Along the way, we teach your employees everything they need to know about market and customer research, design thinking, business model canvas, hypothesis mapping, and much more through our Innovation Hub®.

Outcome & Impact

Design & Validate

In step 2 we validate the identified innovation opportunity. We create prototypes, conduct user interviews, and run first tests to verify the basic assumptions of the idea. Upon validation, we develop a clear product roadmap and business model.

Along the way, we empower your employees in the field of user journeys, rapid prototyping, landing page testing, and much more by the help of our Innovation Hub®.

Outcome & Impact

Scope & Develop

We jointly define a clear product scope that we then translate into a detailed product backlog and comprehensive technical architecture.

Afterwards, we develop and deploy the Minimum Awesome Product (MAP) (usually w/in 3 months) using agile methodologies to ensure obtaining real user feedback as early as possible.

Along the way, we qualify your employees in the fields of backlog estimation, SCRUM management, user testing, analytics & BI implementation and much more by the help of our Innovation Hub®.

Outcome & Impact


Based on data and user feedback, we optimize your digital innovation for you and develop and execute on a clear scaling strategy (online marketing, HR, and operations) to take your innovation to the next level.

In parallel, we empower your employees in the areas of product optimization and scaling via our Innovation Hub®.

Outcome & Impact

Further Possibilities


We can provide technical maintenance and ensure the product runs and scales smoothly. Various service-level agreements possible.


If you wish to insource further development and maintenance of the product, we conduct a coached handover and onboard your team, or even help to recruit it for you.