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Coming out this fall

Our Grocery Report 2022 will come out this fall.

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Grocery Report 2022

The Digital Future of the Food & Beverage Industry shaped into our grocery report to convey new ideas and trends and earn awareness and become sucessful.


We tackle holistically

Kickstart your digital innovation with our workshops to future proof your company in new fields and get ahead of your competition.

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Innovation Consulting

Venture Scaling

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Go-Live Strategy

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We partner with ambitious companies to build
the leading digital businesses of tomorrow

From how Swiss people in Basel shop for groceries online, over how young professionals grow their career, to how digitally savvy customers track and improve their well-being…
We have worked with numerous high-profile clients in various industries to build digital products, services and business models that have transformed the way our clients do business.
Our projects range across industries (FMCG and Retail, Education, Healthcare and Fitness, Real-estate) but always focus digital solutions for the next generation of consumers, the digitally savvy GenZ.

Featured project

Purpose - the career growth platform for young professionals

Together with Purpose, we created a unique product that will fundamentally change how the next generations will pursue their careers.

Other projects


App and back-office solution for an elite training program

TUM Negotiator

The negotiation training platform to for students


The first marketplace to trade premium sports horses securely and easily worldwide

Clients that already trust us

We empower our clients to become digital leaders in their field – with 92% satisfaction.

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From GenZ for GenZ

We embrace the motto: “Be your own target group”.
hatch is a next generation product and venture builder focused on the target group we know best. As GenZ ourselves, we have a profound understanding of what it takes to build digital product, services, and businesses that appeal to your customers of tomorrow.



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