Hi, we are hatch

We are part of a group of next-generation innovators who seek to transform the status quo.
We don’t believe that startups are the only source of innovation.
In fact, we are convinced that with the right approach and inspiration, existing companies are well positioned to create outstanding innovative digital products and services for our GenZ.
This is why we do things differently.
Instead of emphasizing the gap, we believe in collaboration – to combine the knowledge and experience of our partners with our understanding of building and commercializing meaningful solutions for GenZ.
Instead of following rigid working models, we rethink the way we work by building fluid, hybrid organizations in which talents are much more flexible and able to deliver a strong impact.
And instead of simply doing things differently, we engage in active knowledge sharing to empower those we work with and learn from them in return.

And so we begin to hatch – again and again.

Our Mission

On a mission to enable 10 million corporates and entrepreneurs to build the leading digital businesses of tomorrow.  

Our Vision

Hatching the digital market leaders of tomorrow through education, execution, and capital as the world’s defining GenZ product and venture builder.


Reinventing the future, dreaming the future.

hatch is the result of what we learned as GenZ founders, investors, and corporate employees early on – creating entrepreneurial solutions for the next generation in a world that is not quite made for GenZ yet.

Since 2022, we thus help organizations create outstanding digital products and services that speak to us young generation, and create empowering corporate environments that will unleash the power of our fellow young talents.
Founded by GenZ tech entrepreneurs Julian Willner and Kilian Karrasch, we started in 2021 by focusing on “unsticking” digital innovation:
From our experience as founders, investors, and corporate innovators, 9 out of 10 digital innovations didn’t make it past the ideation stage. And those who did, mostly end up being useless for us young generation by the time they hit the market, with meaningless features, uninspiring design, or lagging tech.
The problem (at least half of the time)? Lacking entrepreneurial (tech) knowledge and implementation capabilities.

So we leveraged lean startup principles to enable organizations to build better software faster and hence to bring innovations to market on time.

But we soon realized that that was only part of the problem…
The other major one: is a lacking understanding of the needs and desires of the target group, of the next generation of customers and employees.
Companies often brought us on board not only to design digital solutions “through the eyes of the next generation”, but to also advise them on the types of digital solutions to develop in the first place and to help them scale their solution through the right marketing channels.
And in the process to create organizations that are leaner, and innovative and embrace the young generation with their entrepreneurial potential as a chance – not as a threat.
And so we gradually enlarged our services portfolio to offer:
– GenZ research and consulting services
– (Content) marketing services
– and even venture building services to build full entities including its governance and teams.

Now, we’re tackling the next frontier: systematizing the way that entrepreneurial potential is nurtured in organizations.

And so, we hatch again.

We are founders ourselves who consult, build and scale.



An award-winning tech entrepreneur from Munich, Germany. Already during his school years, he founded his first startup, which later became Purpose, the career growth platform. He is a Founding Partner of hatch and a BAFA-certified consultant in the context of digital transformations and innovations. In addition, Julian graduated from Draper University, holds investments in various startups, is a member of the Sigma Squared Society, and was awarded *Top Talent under 25″ in 2019.



An entrepreneur and advisor to multinationals and startups and Founding Partner at hatch. He founded his first startup during his bachelor’s and, with just 21 years, co-managed a major business transformation at a multinational clothing retailer to help the brand become attractive to young customer groups. After a short stint in management consulting and venture capital, he helped build up the retail division of Flink. Europe’s fastest unicorn. In addition, he is a guest lecturer for business building at the renowned WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management.


The hatchers who make the difference

Our core team combines the best of start-up, corporate, consultancy, VC, design, product, media, and tech.

Our Commonalty?
We are all GenZ who thrive for the extraordinary – everyone in their discipline and together as a power team.

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Our fluid expert workforce - Meeting needs at all project sizes

We haven an extensive network of 300+ highly distinct talents across all relevant disciplines – readily available any time to fuel your innovation ambitions – or to join your organization…

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We live the future of work

As GenZ, we strive for meaningful impact in a flexible workplace that helps us thrive.

At hatch, we hence offer our employees:

Unlimited Vacation Time

Anywhere you want.
Anytime you want.

Flat hierarchies

Open Feedback Culture

Coaching Leadership

Continuous Learning

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